How Safe Is Using CBD For Dogs?

CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dogs

Many people have been asking the question of cannabidiol’s safety for the animals due to this compound’s association with cannabis. Some individuals are skeptical about utilizing CBD for dogs as it is an industrial hemp component. For your information, hemp is a form of cannabis, and cannabis is known for its psychoactive effects. Anyhow, research has proven that hemp’s compound lacks those mind-altering effects.

That is not to say that hemp CBD products will have no negative secondary effect on the users, whether the consumers are human beings or pets. A hemp CBD item could cause drowsiness in your dog if you give it more of the product than the recommended dose.

Besides, some hemp derivatives contain toxic components. So, giving any of these products derived from hemp is potentially harmful to pets. This is why you must look for products from reputable CBD brands that ensure safety and purity. At the same time, the brands should offer certificates of analysis so that you can check whether their products have any contaminants.

While there is the possibility of your pet experiencing adverse effects from the contaminated product, CBD’s dose is a bigger consideration to make.

How Much CBD Should You Give A Dog?

The effects of CBD for pets mainly depend on the dose you administer to the animals. Therefore, be sure to at least look at the product’s label before giving it to your dog. If you can do this, it would be better to consult a veterinarian about the dose.

If in doubt, start with a small amount of CBD per serving for your dog, and then keep monitoring how the animal responds to it. Note down whatever change you can see in it as doing so would help the next time you consult a vet for the animal. In the event of it not having any improvement in its symptoms or health, then you might wish to increase the CBD dose.

On the other hand, if the animal behaves oddly, like bumping into things as though it has vision loss, then you might have to reduce the dose. That strange behavior could happen if the dose increase reduces your dog’s blood pressure temporarily. It is not CBD’s issue, but it has to do with the administered dose.

Choosing the best dose for it may involve some trial and error, as well as consultations with a veterinarian.