Things To Know About Hemp Plants

Hemp Plants
Hemp Plants
Hemp Plants
Hemp Plants

The versatility of the hemp has resulted in it being cultivated for generations now. Archaeological evidence suggests that hemp was in use as long as 8000 BC. The plants have various industrial applications including the making of rope, cloth, paper, and more. The seeds of hemp are considered a superfood. The most recent application of hemp crop is in CBD extraction. In this article, we offer a complete guide to hemp plants.

Is Hemp The Same As Marijuana?

Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis plants. However, their properties are quite different from each other because of many years of selective breeding. Hemp was cultivated for its fiber and seeds while marijuana was and is still being cultivated for its medicinal compounds. Take a look at the differing characters of hemp and marijuana:


Although the plants look similar at the first look, they do not have the same appearance. Marijuana plants are characterized by broad leaves, dense buds, and an overall bushy appearance. In contrast, hemp plants have thinner leaves. They grow taller than marijuana and have thinner stems.

Growing Environment 

Marijuana plants require a warm and humid climate for healthy growth. They are planted at a 6 feet distance from one another. Contrastingly, hemp plants are grown close to one another and they are found to grow well in a wide variety of climates.

Chemical Makeup 

Marijuana plants are known for their high THC content. Hemp plants are known for their high CBD content. CBD is also a cannabinoid that has various therapeutic properties. THC has intoxicating effects while CBD doesn’t have any.

What Are The Uses Of Hemp?


Hemp fiber has been in use for thousands of years to make textiles, rope, and paper.


There are several nutrients in the seeds of hemps. Although it has a nutty flavor, they are consumed in the raw form, alongside sprouted and ground form. Hemp seeds are cold-pressed to obtain hemp seed oil. Hemp seeds are also used to obtain hemp milk.


The oil derived from hemp seeds and stalk can be used to make biofuels like biodiesel that is sometimes called hempoline. Biofuel is useful in powering engines but a quite big amount of raw material is required to produce a substantial amount of fuel.

CBD Extraction 

The application and use of CBD is not restricted to the personal care sector. The US government has only legalized CBD derived from hemp plants alone.

Industry experts are predicting significant growth for the hemp farming sector with the growing popularity of CBD.