What Are The Different Types Of CBD Products?

CBD Products
CBD Products
CBD Products
CBD Products

Cannabidiol became a key ingredient of a multitude of therapeutics after several studies found the medicinal benefits it offers. The government responded to the scientific findings by legalizing CBD products through the enactment of the US Farm Bill in 2018. The law considers CBD products derived from hemp as legal.

Here is a complete guide to types of hemp products for sale.


We decided to begin the article with CBD oil, as it is the most popular CBD product that is liked for its versatility, potency and diverse intake methods. It contains CBD extract of any of the three spectrum options (full spectrum,  broad spectrum, CBD isolate) mixed into a suitable carrier oil. MCT oil, hemp seed oil and coconut oil are generally used as carriers in CBD oil.

As most brands prefer making CBD oil by hardly adding any flavoring agents, CBD oils generally have an earthy taste. They can be taken sublingually or may be added to edibles.

CBD Tincture

The terms CBD tincture and oils are often mistakenly used interchangeably. They aren’t the same. CBD tinctures have about 60 to 70 % alcohol, which acts as the base of the tincture. High CBD hemp extract is infused into the alcohol base.

The intake methods of CBD tinctures are similar to that of CBD oils. As the alcohol base of CBD tinctures has a preservative nature, CBD tinctures last longer than CBD oils.

CBD Vapes

One of the highly available CBD intake methods, a growing number of CBD users has begun showing interest in vaping CBD. You would require specialized vaping equipment like vape pen, e-cigarette or bulk vaporizers.

The vapor produced by heating the CBD vape oil is inhaled through the mouthpiece of the vaping device to introduce CBD into the lungs. The cannabidiol in the vapors enter into the bloodstream through the permeable membranes of the lungs.

CBD Capsules

Known as the CBD product that can be dosed with the highest precision, CBD capsules can be taken like you take any normal pill. The CBD content in a capsule ranges between 10 and 25 mg. For the CBD content in the CBD capsule to reach the bloodstream, the capsule has to be digested first. Unlike edibles, the digestion of CBD capsules does not take much time. Hence the CBD in capsules take effect faster than CBD in edibles.

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are prepared by infusing CBD extract into appropriate topical formulations. They are applied on the skin to allow their cannabidiol content to be absorbed into the body and interact with the endocannabinoid receptors in the skin. CBD topicals can be used to treat skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, eczema and pain conditions.

CBD cream, lotion, and ointment are some common examples of CBD topicals.

Discreetness, strength and ease of use of a CBD product are the major factors that influence their selection.