Does CBD Show Up In A Drug Test?

Cannabidiol CBD
Cannabidiol CBD
Cannabidiol CBD
Cannabidiol CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from hemp plant strains with less than 0.3% THC is legal in the US. Health and wellness products made using it are gaining popularity due to its potential medical use. The other reason for this is that it has no or mild side effects at normal doses, and there is no risk of developing an addiction to long-term usage. In this article, we will investigate whether CBD will make you fail a drug test.

What Is CBD?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is the main cannabinoid found in the hemp or Cannabis Sativa plant. Unlike its isomer THC, CBD does not produce psychotropic effects when ingested, and hence it is considered safe. Also, studies have shown that it can counteract the negative effects due to THC. Moreover, it is believed that a combination of THC and CBD can be more effective for treating the symptoms due to certain conditions.

What Are The Potential Therapeutic Effects Of CBD?

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Relieving pain
  • Managing or preventing nausea and vomiting
  • Managing anxiety
  • Provides neuroprotection
  • Controlling psychosis

What Are Drug Tests For Cannabis?

The most common diagnostic test for cannabis is the urine test. Here, antibodies that are designed to attach to THC and its metabolites are used. If the drug is identified by the antibodies, they will give a positive test result. Besides, if the concentration of the drug is below the levels set by the government for urine drug screening, then the test will become negative. Also, there are other confirmatory tests like mass spectroscopy, chromatography, or high-performance liquid chromatography. These tests are more accurate than the more common urine test.

Does CBD Show Up In A Drug Test?

Theoretically, you can get a positive test result if you consume cannabidiol (CBD) infused products. Chances for this scenario are slightly higher if you use full-spectrum CBD products. Apart from this, you can also fail a drug test if you take them more frequently. This leads to the accumulation of THC and other cannabinoids in the body. Remember that they are gradually eliminated from the body through urine. Furthermore, in a study, it was found that people who are exposed to passive smoking, i.e. inhalation of second-hand cannabis smoke can also test positive in a saliva drug test.

Remember that drug tests do not screen for CBD because it is not a psychotropic substance.