Understanding The Hemp Extraction Processes

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CBD For Anxiety Disorders
Hemp Companies
Hemp Companies

Are you curious about how the hemp companies make CBD oil? Here is a guide to understanding how is hemp oil extracted.

The extraction processes begin with the hemp plant. However, hemp owes its actual definition, one that is different from marijuana; to the Farm Bill that was passed in the year 2018 which legalized the use of CBD. As per the new rules, cannabis that contains 0.3% or less THC is hemp. This legal status opened the doors to hemp becoming the primary source for the extraction of CBD.

As the initial step, the hemp plant is made to go through the extraction process to derive the crude extract. The following are the different methods the hemp companies use to make the different spectrums of CBD extracts available in the markets of today.

CO2 Extraction

In this method of extraction, while maintaining low temperature, carbon dioxide is put under high pressure. It leaves its gaseous form and gets converted into a liquid form. This liquid is then passed through the raw material and a pure CBD oil extract is obtained.

Ethanol Extraction

In this method of extraction an alcohol solvent named ethanol is used. The final product of this form of extraction is an extremely dark-colored oil; it has a grassy and bitter flavor too.

Hydrocarbon Extraction

This method of extraction makes use of light hydrocarbon solvents such as butane, propane, isopropyl alcohol, pentane, hexane, or acetone. The resulting oil of hydrocarbon extraction contains high levels of THC and it is considered as an inefficient extraction type.

Lipid Extraction

This is a rarely used method of extraction and it makes use of fats for extraction.

After following any one of the extraction methods, a crude CBD extract is produced. This extract needs to be purified and processed. There is a widely used method for purifying the crude oil extract and it is:


For purifying the crude extract through the process named winterization, the extract is mixed with 200 proof alcohol and frozen overnight. The next day, the cloudy mix is run through paper filters and into the jar.

Wondering how CBD isolates are created? Here is how.

Popularly called as distillation by the chemists, it is the method used to create an isolate. During this process, other cannabinoids, plant material, chlorophyll, terpenes, and oil are removed from the crude extract. The result of this is a white powder.