What Is The Reason For The Growing Popularity Of Organic CBD?

Organic Hemp Extract
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Organic Hemp Extract
Organic Hemp Extract

When you are shopping for CBD, you may see a wide selection of brands that produce organic and inorganic CBD. The choice that one makes between them depends on their personal preferences. While organic CBD products are healthier than their counterparts, they come at higher prices than inorganic CBD.

All the processes starting from the cultivation of hemp to the making of the final product decide if terming CBD as organic is legit or not. In this article, we try to find out the reasons for the growing popularity of organic CBD.

Organic CBD

 For a CBD product to be termed organic, hemp should be cultivated by complying with the regulations set by the US Department of Agriculture. Let us take a look at the guidelines.

  • For any crop to be termed as ‘organic’, the soil should not be treated with any pesticides or chemical fertilizers for the last three years.
  • The soil fertility has to be maintained by practicing crop rotation, using naturally-sourced fertilizers, and ground tilling.
  • The use of genetically modified crops is prohibited, meaning that hemp grown from genetically modified seeds will not be considered as ‘organic’.
  • During the harvest and handling of the crop, the non-agricultural ingredients used in the processes should not be prohibited as per the “National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances”.

Handling the crops is not an easy task in mixed crop harvesting because they have to ensure that the organic crops are kept separate from the non-organic ones. In addition, all non-organic substances have to be kept away from organic crops.

Why Choose Organic CBD?

Hemp is a hyperaccumulator by nature because it absorbs the toxins in the soil easily. Fertilizers, pesticides, and heavy metals; hemp accumulates all the chemicals in the soil. CBD derived from hemp grown in contaminated soils will be of lower quality and thus it fails to give optimum benefits to the users. This is reason enough for people choosing organic over non-organic CBD.

Organic CBD is extracted from hemp grown in non-polluted soils without using any synthetic growth boosters.

To ensure that the CBD products you buy are derived from organic hemp extract, check the manufacturer’s website to study the information that the brand gives about its farming and manufacturing processes. Go ahead with the purchase only if you are convinced about the organic nature of the product.